Lease of equipped laboratories and offices

The science and technology parks come into being for the purpose of creation suitable environment for the support of enterprising based on knowledge and innovations. South-Bohemian Science & Technology Park – 1st stage provides universal offices and laboratory premises equipped with the furniture and appliances on more advantageous conditions to all interested persons with a good idea. Also the premises of half-operational character are to let, where it is possible to test the ideas in the conditions close to real operation.

Within 1st stage JVTP, tenants have available the following rooms, the total area 600 m2:

  • offices   (230 m2)
  • laboratories (280 m2)
  • premises for biotechnological processes with specific equipment (78 m2)
  • technical background (warehouses, exchanger, lift, social facility)
  • specialized warehouses and additional supplementary premises


 Documents to download (validity since 9/2014):

Lease of meeting room

JAIP offers the possibility of a short-term lease of meeting room with the capacity of 25 places. For the lease of meeting room, we are able to provide catering and other services depending on agreement.

Price-list of lease

Meeting room 500 CZK/hour 2.500 CZK/day
Notebook 400 CZK/day
Data projector 500 CZK/day
Portable projecting screen 300 CZK/day
HD digital video-camera 500 CZK/day
Flip-chart + paper + markers  300 CZK/day

In case of your interest, contact us!